The Bellamy Brothers Release Unconventional Greatest Hits AlbumThe Bellamy Brothers are taking a different approach to a greatest hits compilation. In celebrating their 40th anniversary, the country legends’ brand-new 40 Years: The Album is a two-disc set that not only includes 20 of their best-loved hits, but also an album featuring 20 new tunes.

“With greatest hits packages, people always expect certain songs. Howard and I wanted to figure out how to do that and still do new music,” David Bellamy tells Rolling Stone Country.

The first disc includes such Bellamy classics as “Redneck Girl,” Sugar Daddy,” “Crazy From the Heart,” “Lovers Live Longer,” “Old Hippie,” a live version of “You Ain’t Just Whistlin’ Dixie” and their signature song, “Let Your Love Flow.” The duo recently filmed a new video for that classic hit, featuring 60 breast cancer survivors from the Fort Worth, Texas area.

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