Randy HallRandy Hall

  1. Place of Birth: Blackwell, Oklahoma
  2. Home Base:  Branson MO
  3. Former Band Mates: Various Branson Shows (10 yrs), Moe Bandy (6 yrs)
  4. Bellamy Bros. Info: Joined the Bellamy Bros. as bass guitarist December 2017
  5. Hobbies: Spending time with family & friends
  6. Influences: Leland Sklar (session player), David Hungate (Toto/sessions)
  7. Getting Started: Being taught bass guitar by my grandmother, I began playing southern gospel in my parents group. Later moved to Branson Mo. to work in various music shows. Spent 6 years with country music artist Moe Bandy.
  8. Dating Game: Married....!

Randy HiebertRandy Hiebert

  2. Place of Birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
  3. Former Band Mates: The D-Drifters, Cathy St. Germain, Harlequin, Idol Eyes, Streetheart, the C-Weed Band, honorary Charlie Daniels Band member!
  4. Bellamy Brothers Info: Lead guitarist. The first time I joined the Bellamy's was in '93. Dannie Jones( Steel Guitar) had moved to WPG. and I met the brothers after Dannie and I had become friends. After 6 years and 5 albums, I returned home for 5 years. I've recently rejoined the Bellamy Bro's and it's great to be "back in the saddle"!!! Randy engineered and played on "Son's of Beaches", "Over The Line", "Lonely Planet", and several more of the Bellamy Brothers Albums.
  5. Hobbies: I don't really have time for "hobbies", but for diversions I roller blade and read a lot....Songwriting takes whatever time I have left.
  6. Influences: I've been influenced by everyone! Luther Perkins, Chuck Berry, Glen Campbell, Roy Clark, Don Rich (The Buckaroos), Tony Iommi (Sabbath), Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Steve Howe, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, AL Dimeola, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Muddy Waters, BB. King, Debussy, Thelonious Monk, to name a few!
  7. Dating Game: Still Single...But "I could be persuaded."
  8. Getting Started: My mom and dad had a country music band called "Sunset Rythmn Pals" that played in and around Winnipeg for several years. I grew up listening to, and eventually jamming with some of our city's best pickers and singers. My mother sat me down and showed me the basic chords and then I went on to put it all together by ear. I was 16 when I started gigging, and there's still no end in sight!

Jim HeepJim Heep

  2. Born and raised in Owensboro, Ky
  3. Resides in Hendersonville, TN
  4. Previously worked for Shannon Lawson, James Otto, Chris Janson and many more...
  5. Started with the Bellamy Brothers in December 2013.
  6. Off time spent with the family and riding my motorcycle, and tinkering.
  7. Influences are numerous musicians and genres. Can't put it to just one name.
  8. First steel instructor was cousin Stewart Heep. Steel was intriguing to me and loved the challenge of difficulty. Not to leave out the playing from ones soul, to share with everyone!
  9. Marital status: Married


    1. Place Of Birth: Baton Rouge, LA
    2. Home Base: Spring Hill, TN
    3. Former Band Mates:
      • The Gatlin Brothers
      • Collin Raye
      • Gary Puckett
      • The Lennon Sisters
      • Pam Tillis
      • Rodney Atkins
      • Chalee Tennison
    4. Bellamy Brothers Info: Joined in February of 2016.
    5. Hobbies: Spending time with my family.
    6. Influences: Various classical composers, session musicians.
    7. Dating Game: Married to the most wonderful girl I’ve ever known.

Stephanie Wilson HallStephanie Hall

    1. Place Of Birth: Idabel, OK
    2. Home Base: Portland TN
    3. Former Band Mates:
      • Mickey Gilley 7 years
      • Johnny Lee 4 years
      • TG Sheppard
      • Moe Bandy
      • Numerous shows in Branson MO
      • Bellamy Brothers
    4. Bellamy Brothers Info: Hired March 2020. I had time off with Mickey Gilley when Howard had to be off for medical reasons, so I filled in several weeks. Afterwards, because I was ready to come off the road with Mickey and Johnny (they were based in Branson, MO), David and Howard hired me full time.
    5. Hobbies: Favorite thing to do is hang out on the couch with my baby girl, Miss Emma (10 year old chihuahua), while binging out on ION TV..or any crime show!!
    6. How I got started in the business? Like so many, I grew up singing in church. And then, again like so many, started singing in bar bands as an adult. I began singing professionally professionally as a Background vocals in Branson, MO in 2006. That is where I met Mickey Gilley and eventually began singing background vocals for him in 2013. In In 2017, Mickey and Johnny Lee teamed up and started the Urban Cowboy Reunion tour, so I had the honor of singing for both artists.
    7. Marital Status: I am married to Randy Hall, bass player/Tour Manager for the Bellamy Brothers.

David ParksDavid Parks

    1. Place Of Birth: Owensboro, KY
    2. Home Base: Split time between Cincinnati, OH and Nashville, TN
    3. Former Band Mates:
      • Casey James
      • Henry Lee Summer
      • Derek St. Holmes
      • Ty Herndon
      • Steel Magnolia
      • Jason Michael Carroll
      • Craig Wayne Boyd
      • The Van - Dells
      • The League of Dangerous Gentlemen
      • Resist & Bite
      • The Beat Daddys
    4. Bellamy Brothers Info: My first show was Sept. 30th - 2022. Jim Heep and I used to be band mates years ago (20 plus years ago). He recommended me for the audition process. I auditioned and here I am. Blessed and thankful.
    5. Hobbies: First and foremost, I’m a dad and a proud one at that.  Being a father is the best thing that ever happened to me. Music is my life, I love listening to music, writing and recording, teaching, a labor of love. Outside of those things I love fishing, art, hiking, cooking, building and anything creative, teaching.
    6. Influences: My kids, my parents, grandparents, Paul Rodgers, Humble Pie, Zeppelin, Van Halen , Exile, Restless Heart, The Eagles, Butch Walker, Kings X, Toto, and just countless of others.
    7. How I got started in the business? Growing up, my mother was a bass player. She signed me up for guitar lessons but I jumped on the drums instead.  Haven’t looked back since.
    8. Dating Game: Single, Married, divorced, Looking? Happily Single.

Tim AustinTim Austin

    1. Home Base: Ashland City, TN
    2. Former Band Mates:
      • Confederate Railroad
      • Ricky Skaggs
      • James Taylor
      • Dixie Chicks
      • Chris Stapleton
      • Shenandoah
      • Josh Turner
      • Collin Raye
      • Lonestar
      • Dan Tyminski
      • Joe Diffie
      • Dwight Yoakum
      • Bellamy Brothers
    3. Bellamy Brothers Info: October 7th, 2021. After a year off for Covid I heard about the Bellamy Brothers gig opened up. Got a call from David Bellamy.  Been here ever since!
    4. Hobbies/What do you like to do on your off time? Haha, the Bellamy Brothers don't have time off. I do spend my time with my wife and dog!
    5. Influences: Pretty much music has always been my influence. Miles Davis, Flatt and Scruggs, Michael Buble, Electric Mary to the Bellamy Brothers!
    6. How I got started in the business? I started a band in my early 20's and was on the road for 13 years. Left the road to work in my studio as a producer, recording engineer, and Independent Label President for 9 years which included a Grammy Nomination on my own label!
    7. Dating Game: Single, Married, divorced, Looking? Married 40 years to Debbie Austin.

Tim ThomasTim Thomas

  1. Place Of Birth: Where were you born city and State? Toccoa, GA.
  2. Home Base: Where do you reside now? Mount Juliet, TN.
  3. Former Band Mates: Who have you worked for in the Business? Lee Greenwood, Oak Ridge Boys, Tony Orlando, Louise Mandrell, Sammy Kershaw, Guy Penrod and others.
  4. Bellamy Brothers Info: When did you start? FOH/Production Manager April 2015 Tour Manager Sept. 2017
  5. Hobbies: What do you like to do on your off time? Time off, what’s that! LOL
  6. Influences: Getting Started: How did you get into this business? At 12 years old, I started with my family gospel group as bass player/singer. As time passed, I found that my real passion was production and management, where I began the transition from singer/player. In doing so, my passion also evolved into a full production and installation company, known as ShowPro LLC.
  7. Dating Game: Single, Married, divorced, Looking? Married to the most beautiful, fun-loving woman in the world! *She made me say that.

Contact Info: Tim Thomas




Dannie JonesDannie Jones
On March 29, 2004 Bellamy Brothers band alumnus Dannie Jones passed away. Dannie played pedal steel guitar on many of the Bellamy Brothers' hit recordings and toured with the Bellamys.

Rocky Marvel

Rocky Marvel - (Drummer)

  1. Born: Daytona Beach FL
  2. Resides: Franklin TN
  3. Past Artists: Michael McDonald, Michael Martin Murphey, Suzy Bogguss, Kevin & Michael Bacon, entire list at
  4. BB start: August 2008 (with a small hiatus)
  5. Hobbies: Scuba diving, napping, cooking Gordon Ramsay's recipes, napping, traveling with the family, Bill Murray movies & finally, taking a nap.
  6. Influences: Steve Smith (Journey), Jeff Pocaro & Simon Phillips (TOTO), Neil Peart (Rush), Chris McHugh (session great & Keith Urban), Wil Calhoun (Living Colour).
  7. Getting started: Banging tupperware & pots as a forward...In 1996, moved from Delray Beach FL to Nashville, did a lot of wood-shedding & networking. Played with every artist I could. Wally called me in 2008. I've been entertaining Bellamy fans ever since!
  8. Dating game: Married to a Goddess.

Waldemar Dentz (Wally)Waldemar Dentz (Wally) - Former Bass Player and lifetime friend

  1. Place of birth: New Jersey, moved to Florida around age five.
  2. Home Base: Tampa, Florida
  3. Former Band Mates: Henry Paul Band for 5yrs. Henry Paul is now the lead singer for Black Hawk
  4. Bellamy Brothers Info: Wally joined the Bellamy Brother's band in 1983. He plays bass guitar and harmonica. He also functions as the Bellamy's road manager. Also known as the 3rd Bellamy Brother, Wally Played on "Two and Only", "When we Were Boys", "Strong Weakness", "Sons of Beaches", "Over the Line", "Reggae Cowboys", and "Lonely Planet" albums.
  5. Hobbies: Likes movies and good Blues!
  6. Influences: Allman Brothers, and Van Morrison
  7. Dating Game: Engaged
  8. Getting Started: Learned to play the bass by himself, went to University of South Florida for 3 years.


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